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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fonts Are Art

Just thought I would do a blog on fonts and sites that offer free fonts. I take my hat off to the brilliant people that put time and effort into creating these font's that they often give away free. I think fonts can be a work of Art, you may or may not agree but this is what makes us all unique individuals. Check out the link http://www.dailyfreefonts.com/fonts/alphabet/ which has a huge number of fonts for free, just download the zip file and unzip in the download folder then open the folder and right click if you your system is running windows and in the menu select install and there you have it in your font folder. Not sure what you need to do for Mac but I am sure that there are instructions that will be able to help you. Check out The Kings and Queens, Advocado, Music Man and Aprendizcalifico to name but a few. 

Cheers Julz

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