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Monday, September 5, 2011

Susie McMahon Dolls: A Special Little Something

Susie McMahon Dolls: A Special Little Something

Cat Lover Heavenly Doll By the Artist: Susie McMahon
A Simply Transforming Cloudbox By Artist: Susie McMahon
Cloudbox 2 -Poe-try by Artist Susie McMahon
WinterRose by Artist Susie McMahon
Zozzle Doll - Enchanting and magical by  Artist Susie McMahon

I am loving this blogspot and the Artist's work is quirky, fun, vibrant and magically embracing. I love her latest piece called the "Sukeshi" doll which is a one of a kind special order for a cat lover. The doll is simply adorable and the work and detail magnificent. You must visit and check out the very talented Susie McMahon's blog and her art dolls and mixed media artwork.
One very talented lady worthy of a "Gold Two Thumbs Up" for her delightful work and enchanting blog. Cheers Julz


  1. I can't decide which one I like the most but my favorite has to be Cloudbox 2. The concept is perfect, Suzie has made it come to life. But my heart strings are pulled by that little Zozzle doll...so cute! I'm off to check the artist's blog right now. Thanks for posting!

  2. It's my birthday today - What a lovely birthday surprise! Thanks you! XXX

  3. omg..wow!!..awesome..fantabulous!!
    gotta go to this blog!
    thanks for sharing this amazing artist!!