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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plush Possum Studio - A Diamond of a Blog

Recently I had the good fortune to find one of the most fabulous blogs in the world wide web. If you have a passion for all things creative using Ephemera and adore Steampunk as I do then you will be in your element when you go visit Rose and Co's delicious blog Plush Possum Studio.  I have hi-lited it in red because I think it is hot, hot, hot. When I found this yummy blog and the beautiful freebies that have been masterfully created I had to pinch myself to check that I was not dreaming. 

The work was just so awesome and as a digital artist I know the amount of time one can end up putting into the creation of the backgrounds, jpg's, png's etc

I had a field day downloading some beautiful work that I am looking to add to some of my work in the future. I wanted to know more about Rose and her group of friends who provide their creativity, inspiration and dedication in blogging and sharing so I was pleasently surprised when Rose visited my blog and left a lovely comment.

I was just so blown away by the generosity of Rose and her team and she kindly agreed to a brief interview on the inspiration of the blog. Rose's responses are in blue. 

Can I ask you when and why you decided to set up a blog?
Late last year, we had the same idea, that of providing free ephemera for others, but weren't certain where and how it could best be accomplished. 
The whole idea is to have more fun making art. Some of us were already into PS and/or PSE, and so wanted to make something new with their work, and by exploring new techniques, we hoped to expand our horizons as a creative team. 

Are there more contributors to the blog than you, I did note that you were the Editor so not sure who the other contributors are?
Today, I am the sole proprietor, you might say, yet am not alone, in that our teammates provide me with new ideas, fresh input, technical encouragement, and new ephemera for our combined archives. You might also say we blog together in one voice, as we often confer. We recently changed up our ranks, so some people may decide to get more involved once they become familiarized with our blogging territory. 

Can I ask what your background, skill sets and experience is?
We come from different backgrounds. Currently, one of us is a quilt artist and jewelry designer who chooses not to be online at this point.We may feature some of her work later on this year, but for now have it in mind to allow her chances to get comfy first with our idea of her part to play. Another newer member's general focus is on her homework, as she currently is busy studying away, and so is mainly there to spot any flaws in our work or to give us a fresh concept to build on. Hers was the inspiration for the new line of printable party gear. My own background dates back to when I was quite young, and I guess you might call me a bit of a "creativore" as I enjoy using darn near anything in my work. I used to teach, but that's another story. 

Did you have a mission/vision as to how you wanted to operate your blog?
Mostly, just to offer whatever we may find in our many travels to anyone who might have an interest in ephemera along with new printables for use with collage/mixed media/digi art. The crafty party idea came as quite a surprise, and, judging from the response here lately, I'd say it's been a success so far. Our most studious possum really rocks, doesn't she? I totally agree and the craft party downloads absolutely rock, I just adore the cupcake wrappers and the masks are to die for.

I note that you have a greenroom section which you are currently working on where you will bring green art creating solutions to your readers and love the concept, and was wondering what the motivation behind this is?
This page is slow to come together in that we had quite the busy summer, and have yet to catch up. Hopefully by next year, we'll have it up and rolling for those interested in this new genre of art. We hope to sponsor challenges from there at some point for new and experienced artivores. Most Green artisans like to create with less impact. Some are simply forced by their own health to give away all products which make them feel less well.This was an idea concocted to put such artists (many of whom are going digi as well) in touch with what's currently available. 

Some bloggers like myself give away free images but you go that extra mile and give away images and valuable time when you create PNG formats and background compositions etc and I am  wondering if you also sell your work?
We decided early on to keep our blog's main focus on freebies. 
We are currently developing a new line for sale, possibly with etsy as our platform, altho' this has yet to be decided. As we speak, it is still very much a growing idea, but could take a while to produce, so our unveiling may be months away yet. 

I also note that you credit brushes, backgrounds etc to various artists which I often find hard to do as I have a collection of in excess of 20,000 images and I have little or no memory of where I found these images that I have collected over the years. I also create my own brushes for gimp and photoshop but that is still a work in progress as I have not worked out how to create a set from zero. I normally overwrite another brush set and then save it under another name and delete the brushes that are not mine lol.
I really commend you for doing this. Please don't worry about crediting my backgrounds they are marginal compared to the quality and body of work that you have done Rose.
I guess we generally prefer giving credit where credit is due every time we are able to produce a source. Particularly if that source has made it possible for us to create a work or works in a manner which makes it look better, happen with ease, and so on.This can be difficult, as you say, due to the fact that so many freebie bloggers have a habit of not including their blog's names in their jpeg titles. Quite frankly, it would help my art making tremendously if everyone made the choice to do so. And we'd have less confusion overall, don't you think?  No one in our ranks is interested currently in creating any brushes that I know of, and quite frankly, no one has time for it to this point. But it's an interesting idea! 

Where you want to take your blog to- the next level or ambition for your blog and followers?
Oh, I see this as more fun than anything. It's a kick meeting new friends online with the same creative interests. I get to try out new ways of making digi art, which has become the whole focus of my creative journey--and I did not see that one coming at all! I still have my watercolors, chalks, and so forth, and love creating original rubber stamps as always, and whatnot, but I find myself gravitating to the computer more and more. 
We meet the nicest people blogging--take yourself, for a start! But it won't be a bother to anybody currently in the Studio's ranks to see things really get rolling, growing big enough to be even a small business. But we set our sights on learning before earning. And there is so much to learn one's first year of blogging! 

I hope that these questions are not too invasive but I really want to get the person behind the blog and while I am aware of such generous soles as Karen Whimsy and the Graphics Fairy etc. Your work on the blog is highly saleable work yet you freely give it away and it is the generosity and heart that I want to get at which is what art is about - the cross polination of ideas and the sharing and growing of one's knowledge and craft.
Julz, I admire your work enough to recall it vividly--and that's saying a lot, seeing as how I really enjoy looking at everybody else's work online tremendously and try and find new sites often. I really admire those words you've used above, "the cross-pollination of ideas and the sharing and growing of one's knowledge and craft." Brilliantly worded. I'd say that's our philosophy in a nutshell. I learn every day blogging as a "possum," just by checking out the scene, reading other people's blogs. 

Thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving a lovely comment. I hope you checked out the freebies and helped yourself and if there is ever any time I can help to promote your beautiful site I would be happy to do so. I would put a button on my blog but have not worked out how to. If you tell me how to do it I would be happy to.
This has been a most enjoyable experience--and that is surprising, in that I usually feel pretty shy around new people!                                                                          Thank You so much for your kind opportunity to let us shine a little farther into the blogosphere. And what a wonderful way to start a friendship! Let's see what more we can do together in future!
Let's keep in touch! All the best to you.
All the best to you and your team Rose at Plush Possum Studio's you art is creative, fun, inspiring and your generosity and kindness definitely gets The Gold Two Thumbs Up Award for an outstanding blog. Hugs Julz


  1. Julz, this was a lovely surprise over morning cups of tea.
    Thank You again for this fun experience! I've enjoyed it more than I can tell you!
    All the best

  2. You really deserve this accolade Rose as your blog is outstanding and I hope people visit and join your blog as it is truly phenomenal in both creativity, inspiration and generosity. Hugs Julz