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Friday, June 1, 2012

I Love PicArtia.!!!! Free Fun

Hi Folks, Yes it has been a long time between drinks or log updates,  however I am back with some great sites, artists, blog sites and more to make up for my remiss behaviour. 

Today I am starting with that fabulous free mosaic application PicArtia. http://beta.picartia.com/

You can select and then upload a piece of your own art, a photograph or image. I have used an old cigarette card

Select the mosaic images that will appear inside the picture be it Hollywood stars, Mobiles, Sunglasses, Flowers and more.

Once you have selected the folder of images that you want to fill the image with then you continue on in the step by step program.

You can get an image for free up to 4.98 megabytes for free by then filling in your name and email address. In the red hi-lighted box you can adjust the density up or down however this will increase the size which is is already auto set to 4.98 megabytes for free.

A 5 digit number is then sent to your mail box and once you enter that number into the pop up box you will be able to download the image to your computer.

Here is the result......I love it....this was from what is classified as clip art.

Here is one done from a photographic image....

I love the results!

Here is the pricing for size with options of sizes. The turnaround time is less than 12 hours for large files. 

Have fun and see how your journal pages or art would look in a mosaic comprised of  Flowers, Cars, Dolls (one of my favourites)  or a family photo with buildings inside the mosaic. PicArtia send your personal  five digit  number to download it onto your computer to your email address and  from there you can get the mosaic printed on paper, canvas, glass and keep the file. This is not sponsored, I just love having fun with great applications on-line. Have a great weekend.

Cheers Julie

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