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Friday, November 5, 2010

René Lalique

René Jules Lalique was a renowned glass designerHe became known for his stunning creations of perfume bottles, vasesjewellery,chandeliersclocks and in the later part of René's life, automobile hood ornaments. He was born in Ay, a small French village on 6 April 1860 and lived until 5 May 1945. He started a glassware firm named after himself which still remains successful today and you can view some of his beautiful designs that have been incorporated in glass at http://www.cristallalique.fr/v2/english.html

Life and education

René Jules Lalique's early life was spent learning the methods of design and art he would use in his later life. At the age of two his family moved to a suburb of Paris due to his father's work, but traveled to Ay for summer holidays. These trips to Ay influenced Lalique's laternaturalistic glasswork. In 1872, when he was twelve, he entered the College Turgot where he started drawing and sketching. With the death of his father two years later, Lalique began working as an apprentice to the goldsmith Louis Aucoc in Paris, and attended evening classes at theEcole des arts décoratifs. He worked there for two years and then in 1876 moved to London to attend the Sydenham Art College for two years.

Art Nouveau jewelry designer

Meduse by René Lalique
Gold and enamel pectoral by René Lalique, Museu GulbenkianLisbon

At the Sydenham Art College, his skills for graphic design were improved, and his naturalistic approach to art was further developed. When he returned from England, he worked as a freelance artist, designing pieces of jewellery for French jewelers, CartierBoucheron and others. In 1885 he opened his own business and designed and made his own jewellery and other glass pieces. By 1890, Lalique was recognized as one of France's foremost Art Nouveaujewellery designers; creating innovative pieces for Samuel Bing's new Paris shop, Maison de l'Art Nouveau. He went on to be one of the most famous in his field, his name synonymous with creativity, beauty and quality. This information was sourced directly from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/René_Lalique
I am attaching some of the jewelry images I have collated over the years created by René Lalique that are simply breath taking and hope you enjoy their magnificent beauty and intricacy .


  1. Wonderful blog, thanks for sharing. I am bookmarking. I find Art Nouveau jewelry/art so inspiring!

  2. Thanks Julz for the Dover clip art! I am a member there and had most of it. But there were 2 I didn't have so I downloaded them. One was the beautiful butterflies!