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Monday, November 8, 2010

Free Clip Art

Hello and welcome to my blog,

Dover Publications

I am uploading some free clip art that I received from a fabulous lady Mary Davis at Dover Publications when I joined up for free. There is free shipping for orders over $50.00 dollars and Dover Publications has brilliant savings of up to 60% off on some of their collection of books  and Cd's for their Autumn Sale is currently running but you better get in quick. There is an extensive range of books, Cd's for young and old on every subject you can think of. 

If you are an Erte fan there are some fabulous books for less than $20.00 dollars with beautiful Erte illustrations and designs. I checked out the Erte website the other day and you wouldn't have got a fifth of a book for the prices they are asking on the Erte website
I would love to know who inherited his estate because they will be laughing at the way to the bank. There is a lovely collection of Cd's for Scapbooking, Craft or your Home grown business to add to your own graphics collections or even learn another language. 

From one of the Cd's that I got a freebie from I was trying to teach myself a bit of Spanish without too much success. I think I need to get the Cd so I not only can read the phonetic pronunciation but get the ear for the intonations etc. Italian is one of the Romance languages I would love to learn along with sharpening my school girl French which might be an idea for when I win the Lotto and fulfill the bucket list for that dreamed of European Holiday lol.

From Art to Zoology they have everything and at extremely inexpensive prices. I don't want to say cheap because that often suggests poor quality which is definitely not the case at Dover Publications.

If you become a member Mary Davis once a week sends you a link to some lovely books and as a reward when you click on the books there are some lovely clip art, stain glass pages to colour and colour in pages along with page graphics, paper doll cut outs for the flapper period that I have included and many more lovely goodies. 

I shall certainly be buying from Dover Publications once I set up my library as their selection is fabulous and the customer service from Mary exceptional.  Please feel free to right click on the image and save to your PC or pop along to the website that I have included above.

Along with my going through various artists in the Art Nouveau Period I will be giving locations to great websites and fantastic software that I use that is free or attractively inexpensive.

Have a lovely week and aren't the Butterfly's lovely colors. Please leave a comment if you visit and download.

Cheers Julz

Have a lovely week and enjoy the graphics from Mary at Dover Publications.

Cheers Julz

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