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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Delphin Enjolras

Hello My Lovely Friends and Visitors,

Due to a touch of absent mindedness I forgot that I had already set up a blog site for Gems By Julz and only found it yesterday when doing a search for vintage images LOL. So now I am going to have to work out how to rationalize my lovely followers into Gems By Julz along with all the images. What a headache but far more logical. I think I will keep Salon Image for my own work when I one day get up the courage to place it in a public forum with copyright conditions and watermarks etc.

Today's post is a lovely suggestion from the very talented and stunning Jazz singer Laura Shaffer who's picture and link I have included for the discerning Jazz aficionado. Go to Laura's website and enjoy the fabulously talented dulcet vocals of Laura performing her latest Album Julie London Songbook.. You can also buy Laura's CD just by clicking on Laura's picture which will take you through fingers crossed to her shop on Amazon.

Laura and I have become friends through our love of Art and mutual lovely friends. I recently covered some of the bright and colorful works of Jules Cheret and Laura has pointed me towards some more great artists that I am falling in love with all over again. Thanks Laura and folks I hope you enjoy the following works courtesy of my web searching and the write up and link to Wikipedia.

Delphin Enjolras 
(May 13, 1857 – 1945) was a French academic painter. Enjolras painted portraits, nudes, interiors, and used mostly watercoloursoil and pastels. He is best known for his intimate portraits of young women performing mundane activities such as reading or sewing, often by illuminated by lamplight. Perhaps his most famous work is the "Young Woman Reading by a Window".
Nude by Firelight

If you would love to see more of Delphins work I have added 25 pieces onto my Great Artists page. Great Artists may not always be famous artists and really is one's personal connection with the picture, sketch, sculpture, sound etc. Please feel free to click on any image to view a larger picture and right click if you wish to download the image to place on your own computer. I am not an Art Critic but I love his study of the female form, the light and shadow, the almost luminescent skin tones that give life to his subjects. There is a mixture of tranquility and sensuality in his work that is not contrived. Be it reading a book, adjusting a garter, standing by a fireplace or lazing on a chaise lounge his works are just magical in their homage to women and their beauty.
 Please check out the Great Artist Page for more Delphin masterpieces...http://gemsbyjulz.blogspot.com/p/great-artists.html


  1. Julz! You are a Gem, yourself! xo!

  2. Lovely picks, Julz. I also love his Reclining Nude, La Chaussure, Premiers Apprets, Nu Ettendu au Bouquet de Roses, A Nude Reclining by the Fire, La Lettre, Un Moment de Reflexion, A Son Bureau, and Elegant Ladies Taking Tea.

  3. Laura said it..you are a gem!!
    these are beautiful!

  4. Have I got the right place?

    *waves from Mike Rocks*