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Sunday, August 7, 2011

C Is For Cat.

 I just had these cute or funny cat postcards and pictures so thought I would share them today. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.

I think this adorable

Just know how this cat feels sometimes


  1. I have been meaning to comment on one of these postcards. The one with the 2 panels, "You Gotta Make House Calls". I have that postcard! My parents kept all their postcards they received, so I eventually got them. I was so surprised to see it here, I actually cried out loud!! Too funny!

  2. Hi Debbie glad you enjoyed it. I am a terrible one when it comes to recalling where I found those little gems but I just love sharing as it makes the world go round a whole lot better and I like that one too ..LOL. Glad you here. Hugz Julz