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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Music Sheets and Music

Here is some charming late 19th and early 20th Century Music sheet covers and the first sheet of the music that you can add to your mixed media art. I have added a couple of sheets that I have cleared by cloning so that you can add your own text to the back ground etc. I hope you enjoy and thanks for the lovely feedback so far it is greatly appreciated. Cheers Julz

Ruth Etting - From the Ziegfeld Follies and the classic "Shine on Harvest Moon"

Don't know if this was a big hit but the title leaves something to be desired hmm..

They even had a passion for Butterfly's way back when..

Ahh the story of a gals life..sigh

A Positive Affirmations

And the young ones think their music is cutting edge..

They are referring to the tub of donuts not how you will end up if you eat too many I'm presuming

Cuba the place for great holidays way back when...or inner tube your way to the good ole US of A ..

Every home should have a copy- you don't even need a musical instrument
A Gem from Julz ready for you Journal or Mixed Media Art

That is the opposite to Moonshine regularly found in Ole Kentucky

It is either how to teach your partner to waltz or the maths song of the times

Somethings just never change

Who knew it was just a song sheet away

A Southern Dream is a Southern Belle

Just how many men are you missing lady??

Whispering Hope - If you could see the world now you may have changed it to Shouting Hope!

A great frame

In 1910 the population was 92,228,496 and in 2010 was 308,745,538...STOP....

A Beautiful Lassie

Boy that tune has changed now sadly it is Perpetual Famine as 1 in 6 countries suffer food shortage crises

Another Positive Affirmation but a tad hard to dance a Mazurka by your self reliant self..

Thank goodness for SATNAV on your I Phone

A lovely flower

Who knew it was a Waltz? Now if we could get the suicide terrorist bombers to dance instead of blowing themselves and others up we may a solution..

It looks like they hit the spirits (amber liquid)  before they came up with this title

Why and who are you waiting for?

Interesting Picture

One of Andrew Lloyd Webber's inspirations???

If only it had been so simple as a song stopping the war..

There will be a hot time for the Old Men whilst the Young Men are Away..Boy I bet this one went down a treat for all those young lads fighting a WAR some old fogies conscripted them into. So that's why the did it, just to get the gals.....this had to be a show stopper!

No thanks to your Presidents who got you in the Poo! It rhymed and I could not help myself..LOL

A Gem from Julz - Ready for your imagination,, Enjoy


  1. These amazing piece of history-thanks for sharing

  2. too,too FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!