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Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage Film Posters

Vintage film posters are real collectors items in original condition and works of arts that should be displayed. I homes they can add elegance, style or become a talking piece so I am starting off with Bette Davis...

 Finishing with Rodolph Valentino the film screen heart throb of the 1920's with one of the top four biggest grossing movies of 1922.


  1. You've got some of my favorites in there. I havent' seen Bordertown yet, but have wanted to for some time. Have you seen the remake of Blood and Sand with Rita Hayworth and Tyrone Power? (I haven't ...yet) Nice collection, Julz! <3

  2. Thanks Laura, not sure that I have seen the remake with Rita Hayworth and Tyrone Powers. Will check and see if I can find it online and see if I can recall watching it. I have tons of film and theatre posters. I think they are so vibrant and interesting. Today films posters leave nothing to the imagination and are some how less captivating. Maybe I am becoming an old fogie LOL. Vintage to me is far more attractive. Hugs Julz