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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Best Free Fonts

The Best Free Fonts:
Being a bit of a fontaholic I stumbled on these lovely websites which have some absolutely beautiful fonts to download for free. I have gone a bit mad and downloaded oddles.
I must apologise for not writing anything for a while on the blog as I have had some problems with my hands, these however have now been treated and are working again. So a big thank you to my Doc and medical science. I will eventually have to get them operated on but fingers crossed the injections will keep me going until I get a date with the surgeon.

I hope you are all having a wonderful time decorating your homes, buying Christmas presents and planning Christmas delights for Christmas day to drink and eat. On my bucket list I have a wish to one day have a Christmas in a lovely Winter destination with snow, log fires, smells of pine needles and holly and the aromatics of hanging brandy soaked plum pudding and a delicious roast lunch or dinner wafting from the kitchen. The home would be filled with my dear friends and family and there would a snow man in the garden with a carrot for a nose LOL. Now that would be a tiny bit of bliss. In Australia where Christmas is hot, hot, hot a BBQ seems to be the rule of thumb and it just feels like another day.

I hope you check out the website the fonts are great.

Hugs and Cheers Julz

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