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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time Travellers Come To Victorian London

Come and join Rose and all the other lovely Time Traveling Folk or check out Plush Possum the link is on the side of my page at the top. It is a wonderful blog. Hugs Julz


  1. love both blogs!!
    PPS has the best free images and the Steampunk Travel blog is fabulous!!

  2. Steam Tea Travels!!!...up too early today..5 am!!!

  3. Hi Ann, Thanks for dropping by, I think Rose is so lovely and generous and although I have not used her images yet in my work I am thinking about doing some steampunk as I just love it. Hope you check out my latest facebook piece of art and always look forward to your feedback hon. Hugs Julz

  4. Wow, thanks for this link Julz! What perfect timing as I was asked to do a pair of papier mache steampunk style boots today and had no idea where to get some inspiration. This blog is perfect!