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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Key Board of Isolation

Please check out this amazing installation art work by Chinese Artis Jody Xiong 

It is a very interesting depiction of how people, family's can become isolated by their dependence on the online world. Children in their bedrooms gaming, social networking etc whilst their parents are elsewhere in the home also surfing the net no longer sitting down together to eat and converse. I think that this is not just relevant to China but to the world in general. I love the net and the information, education, friends, family and opportunities it brings into my lounge room however I do understand the message that Jody Xiong is bringing to the viewers attention. Please check out this artist who's body of work is very imaginative and innovative.

"The keyboard of isolation' is an installation by jody xiong of the creative agency 
ddb china, created on behalf of the family care for grass roots community in 
Shanghai, China. the piece was designed to raise awareness of the issues 
developed from china’s new-found infatuation with the online world.
the keyboard of isolation by jody xiong of DDB china

Cheers Julz 

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