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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Women's History Month: 10 Things to Thank Feminists for

Women's History Month: 10 Things to Thank Feminists for   

I hear many women denounce being a feminist and I think that this is because there is some very shabby stereotyping going on as to just what and how a fully fledged feminist behaves and that these women are packed with anger issues allegedly. This perception and stereotype is a negative aspersion cast about by the neanderthal male and far from the reality. 

I am here to say I am proud to be a feminist and here are ten good reasons as to why we have past, present and future feminists to thank for the freedom we take for granted now and that will be available to daughters in the future because women keep on standing up for their rights now.

1.The right to own property. 
2.The right to vote.
3.The right to stand for political office, and the list goes on, 

Are you now on board with being a Feminist? Don't you want the same for your daughter's as for your son's? A good life as an equal. 

Equality is not so hard after all and all the intelligent and supportive men know it already and stand shoulder to shoulder with women, sadly it is just the dark age neanderthals that we need to help come to the party. Hugs Julz xo

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